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  • Invasive Pain Management Open or Close

    With the full knowledge of the pain cause, patients with acute and chronic pain undergo a targeted and effective treatment by means of various methods of invasive pain therapy.

  • Osteoporosis Center Open or Close

    In the context of specific diagnostic and therapeutic measures, our specialists together with the patients develop and implement main treatment areas and plan for their return in the home environment.

  • Psychocardiology Open or Close

    Psychological treatment options for patients with mental health complications associated with an underlying cardiac disease. Patients with symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorders undergo a psychological treatment in the context of specific group settings.

  • Intensive Interdisciplinary Medical Rehabilitation (IMR) Open or Close

    Our stationary intensive care structure for severely care and breathing dependent patients.

  • Medical and Career-Oriented Capacity Training Open or Close

    Combined treatment options aimed at investigating and treating disease-related risk factors and already existing diseases and their impact on employment, as well as the relationship between occupational stress and psychological and physical complaints.

  • Prevention Program Open or Close

    One-week closed individual and group treatment program in the areas of mobility, nutrition and stress management / relaxation.