Claim Management

During their stay at our clinic, our patients and guests enjoy the opportunity to express their requests, suggestions and, of course, occurring dissatisfaction or criticism on site, so that we could record and implement them or take corrective measures in order to find the best solutions in the interest of our patients.

„We listen to your needs!“

A particular emphasis in the organizational process of the MATERNUS Clinic is placed on the central Complaints Office, which is professionally managed by our senior staff and is at your service weekdays during working hours. Appointments can also be made – by arrangement – outside the working hours and on the weekends.

We also offer weekly forums with the participation of employees of the medical field, management, housekeeping, working in the kitchen and providing service, as well as employees working in the recreational area in order to respond to all suggestions from our patients.

The challenge to turn dissatisfied patients into satisfied patients is exactly what we call the "claim management." The demand to ensure and increase patient satisfaction is very concrete and tangible in the area of the claim management.